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Walk through the corridor of neon lights and glowing graffiti, leading to our VR Room or take the stairs up to our state-of-the-art Gaming Arena with beanbags, racing seats and all the equipment you could need to play the world’s most popular games. 

Gaming Arena

Our Gaming Arena offers all types of games including Playstation, Nintendo and XBOX consoles as well as special gaming PC’s. The Gaming Lounge is situated on the first floor and comes with a party room. The VR Room is situated on the ground floor.

We  have a huge library of games from leading game publishers including Sony Corporation, Nintendo, Mojang, EA, Activision Blizzard, Capcom, Microsoft, Rockstar Games, Epic Games, Ubisoft, SEGA and many more. We have games for all genres and age groups including state of the art racing simulation, VR games, sports games, realism games etc. Game titles include Fortnite, FIFA, Mario Brothers, Grand Turismo, Call of Duty, Spiderman, Doom, Cyberpunk, Halo, Animal Crossing, Assasins Creed, The Last of Us, Ironman VR, Outriders, Wasteland, Minecraft and many more.

Our VR Room and Gaming Lounge are the perfect escape to keep your kids entertained whilst you sit back and relax in our cafe. Players can be individual, sets of two or groups. 

We are partners with Steam Cafe – an online platform hosting thousands of games.

Gaming Lounge


  • Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Switches
  • Next Level Racing Cockpits
  • Gaming PC's (Coming Soon)
  • Thrustmaster Pro Racing Wheel
  • Library of games for ages 3+ to Adults
  • FIFA 21 available
  • Adult sized comfortable beany bags
  • Staff chaperone children at all times*
  • Party room available next door

Our adult size beany bags will make your gaming experience comfy – simply take off your shoes and relax. Our dim LED lights with lazer beams lightup the room with gaming graffiti artwork on the walls to add that extra dimension to your gaming experience.

We have created a custom graffiti wall area with our logo so kids can take selfie pictures. The party room next door has a 65 inch TV where children can play party music, cut cakes and enjoy drinks. This room also has LED lights and lazer beams.

If you are accompanied with adults then they can sit in the party room and order drinks and desserts where our staff will take their order and have it delivered upstairs.

Our Gaming Lounge is accessible via the stairs or for wheelchair users using a lift.

VR Room


  • HTC VIVE™ Headset Pro Full Kit Premium VR
  • VR linked with all games from Steam Cafe
  • Enter the realm of Virtual Gaming
  • Popular games include "Beat Saber" and "Epic Roller Coaster"
  • 85 inch TV screen where others can watch and challenge each other
  • Staff chaperone children at all times*

There is an awesome corridor of neon lights and glowing graffiti walls that will lead you to our VR Room. It is ideal for both young kids, teenagers and adults.

Whether you are crazy about Crazy Golf or want to experience how to be Spiderman, or VR Room has all types of VR games to keep you thrilled and entertained. The VR Room is also available for movie night parties on an evening where we will provide popcorn and nachos.

COVID19 & Safety: We have all the safety measures in place at the centre including First Aid, no sharp objects, play area safe materials used to protect young kids, non-inflammable materials, soft toys approved by UK Health and Safety etc. In addition, we have fire exits, smoke alarm and security cameras on site to ensure all the necessary safety measures are in place. The area is cleaned between sessions and masks worn. Staff chaperone children at all times in the Gaming Arena and stay on hand throughout, leaving parents free to play with little ones downstairs if they wish to use Soft Play Area.

Booking Availability:

  • The Gaming Lounge is available for Bookings in 60 min, 90 min and 2 hour slots Mon – Sun.
  • VR Room is available for 60 min slots Mon – Sun.
  • Gaming Lounge + VR Room for 90 min slots Mon – Sun.

If you wish to make a party booking online visit our bookings page. For individual bookings please feel free to speak to a member of staff either by email: or drop us a call: 0203 745 1986.

Coming Soon

We have pre-ordered the latest PlayStation®5 that come with top features including Lightning speed, Stunning games and Breathtaking immersion.
XBOX Series X
We have pre-ordered the latest Xbox Series X that come with top features including True 4K Gaming, Up to 120 Frames per second, 8K HDR High Dynamic Range and Xbox Velocity Architecture.
Pro Gaming PC

We have ordered professional high specification gaming pc’s that will be connected to Steam Cafe to deliver hundreds of top games.

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